Optimizing Hormones to Fight Disease

Optimization of your hormones is the first line of defense against aging and chronic diseases

So this is the first place to start in my practice when you are not feeling as well as you used to feel. But it’s not just giving you hormones exogenously by prescription but helping your body make the right hormones in the right proportion all by itself. The body wants to heal itself; my studies in other healing traditions helped me understand this. So initially, I help my patients identify and remove the blocks that are causing their bodies to be out of balance. For example, if I have an overweight 35-year-old man with low testosterone, I ask him to lose weight before giving him testosterone replacement because I know that his extra abdominal fat is causing his testosterone to be converted to a female hormone, estradiol. If he eats simple carbohydrates to increase his serotonin levels, then I ask him what is going on in his life that may give him serotonin deficiency.

Hormone Replacement Doctor – Angeli Akey, MD
Dr. Angeli Akey, MD can rebalance your hormones for optimal health. To learn more about serotonin deficiency, appetite and cravings, schedule your appointment today!

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